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[personal profile] jesse_the_k asks: What's a garment that's well-loved by fandom, to the point of fanonization, that you really don't care for. Examples might be Fraser's hat; Ronon's gun; Sherlock's coat...

This is surprisingly difficult! I find I'm full of affection for all the ones you listed, not to mention RayK's glasses, and Snape's hat with a vulture on it, and even Blair Sandburg's Schrodinger's nipple ring.

I did from time to time get tired of authors dressing BBC Sherlock in the purple shirt, but why should they be expected to have any more restraint than canon?

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[personal profile] cesperanza asks: What three things do you find unexpectedly sexy?

1. Glasses. Pretty much anyone who's attractive to me without glasses is about four times as attractive with them.

2. Singing. I'm constantly getting choir crushes because people become more attractive when they're singing harmony with me.

3. Moving toward the center of the gender spectrum. To make a woman more attractive to me, give her a butch haircut or a wardrobe low in ornaments. To make a man more attractive to me, give him jewelry.

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[personal profile] grammarwoman asks: what's a go-to comfort meal for you?

When I'm looking for a comfort meal, I get breakfasty.

- When I was a kid, my mother used to make "fried" apples (actually sort of braised), and I'll still make them as part of breakfast-for-dinner -- unpeeled, cored and sliced, softened in butter and then cooked with brown sugar and a bit of water or cider until they're nice and soft.

- Another childhood favorite is the thing where you butter a slice of bread on both sides, cut a hole in the middle, and break an egg into it. We called it "egg in a nest."

- If I want the kind of meal where I'm going to cook all afternoon, I love the Cook's Illustrated chicken potpie, which is basically a thick chicken stew cooked in a pie shell. As I type this, I'm wondering what would happen if you used some other kind of stew for a potpie? I have a cauliflower-and-cheese soup recipe that I'm very fond of; if I left some of the vegetables chunky, instead of pureeing the whole thing, would that make a decent potpie? Or is meat required?

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[personal profile] armadillo1976 asks: Dec 4. From the perspective of a parent of a big(ish) kid, what do you remember most/best from the time your kid was 1-2? (Asking as a mom of a 1.5 year old, terrified that she is going to forget all the love and beauty and mess of these times...)

... yeah, I wish I had kept a journal, because my memories of that time are so sparse. And the photos are all prints, so they don't just come up when I'm scrolling through my phone.

I remember that the second Christmas, my brother-in-law sent the kidlet some electronic toy, and the kidlet touched it, and it sprang to life with a musical chord and a cartoonish voice saying, "Hi, there!", and the kidlet very firmly pushed it away and said, "Too noising."

I remember being up until the middle of the night putting the damned kitchen set together -- it was a gift from my parents, and I had assumed that it arrived all assembled (poor innocent that I was), so it hadn't occurred to me to open it up in advance. But I remember that kitchen set so fondly, and all the imaginary meals cooked on it, and all the conversations with "Mrs. Moldiwarp" had on the attached phone.

Mom remembers the kidlet climbing up to the back of the big chair (the one I'm sitting in now) with the Little Golden Book of Christmas Carols, singing some random words, climbing down, and saying, "Sing Si' Night book self!"

An older friend of mine used to tell me, "The hours are long but the years are short," and that is so true.

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[personal profile] mific asks: Do you enjoy Christmas more, or less, now the kidlet's older?

I have mixed feelings. Every now and then I catch myself looking longingly at a toy catalog or a coloring book. Little kids actually like toys and play with them. Teenagers give you a sympathetic glance full of shared nostalgia, but really all they want is money.

On the other hand, when your kid is a high school senior:

- Yes, there are still kids' performances to go to this time of year, but they're well-done and genuinely entertaining.
- If something needs assembly, you can hand it to the kid and say, "Here. Your eyes are better than mine."
- You don't have that period right after a gift-giving holiday when your living room is so full of brightly colored plastic that you can't walk across it.
- Teenagers know their limits, so you don't have to be the one doing all the tantrum-prevention duty.

I got particularly lucky because the kidlet's new favorite thing to do on Christmas morning is cook a huge breakfast.

So I'd have to say that on the whole the balance is with the older kid.

On the other hand, my best friend, who got her spawning done much younger than I did, has been rewarded with a brand-new grandchild, and that's looking like it might be the best option of all.

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Another day of making up my own question: A few excellent books I read this year.

  • Atul Gawande, Being Mortal: Medicine and What Matters In the End. A moving and fascinating study of old age, part journalism and part essay. The spouse lost his mother this year, and his father is in an assisted-living apartment now instead of in his own house in California, so this felt very relevant -- but of course it's always relevant. I'd recommend it to everyone.

  • Daryl Gregory, Raising Stony Mayhall. Don't expect me to recommend a zombie book ever again, because generally it's a field in which I have zero interest. But one way to get my attention is to write the book from the POV of the zombie.

  • Elisabeth Tova Bailey, The Sound of a Wild Snail Eating. Get this one on paper rather than in an e-book so you can enjoy the drawings. The author was bedridden with a mysterious illness, and someone brought her a snail. She didn't have the energy to do anything else, so she watched the snail. It's a great book.

  • Gail Carson Levine, Ella Enchanted. Everyone already knows what this one is about, but it was a good sharp look at a fairy tale trope.

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Since nobody claimed today, I'm going to answer the question nobody asked, which was: "What's new in the Christmas music collection this year?"

For those who haven't known me long, I collect Christmas music, and if you hate Christmas music because it's all either shiny shiny plastic or an unseemly show of sentimental piety, I might have a pleasant surprise for you.

My Christmas car playlist is up to 579 songs -- that's with all the instrumentals taken out, and only including songs that either have three or more stars or are brand-new and thus unrated. Every time iTunes upgrades, I have to go looking for another workaround to do what apparently no one but me wants to do, namely: first shuffle a playlist randomly, and then hang onto that random order and play them in that order every time. (Apple's random shuffle is actually random, which isn't good, because when I have a playlist of 579 songs, I get really cranky if I hear the same song twice in one day.)

Download six songs here:

  • Jackie Oates, The Halsway Carol. Trad-folk. "Sing for the coming of the longest night."
  • Joel Mabus, The One-Horse Open Sleigh. Solo acoustic guitar, old-time country feel.
  • The Miserable Offenders, A Stable Lamp Is Lighted. Because how could I resist a band called the Miserable Offenders? Piano and voices; the music's OK but I chose this one for the words. "And every stone shall cry, and straw like gold shall shine."
  • Kate Rusby, The Christmas Goose. Trad-folk. Basically a slightly bawdy joke turned to a ballad. (I discovered when I did a search for this that I have six songs with "goose" in the title, and I'm pretty sure they're all different.)
  • Blast From the Past, Joy in the Morning. A capella choir.
  • Thea Gilmore, Sol Invictus. A capella voices. Not Christmas, strictly speaking, but don't we all need a song of rebirth this year?

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Saw Fantastic Beasts almost a week ago, and I can't believe it just now occurred to me to wonder whether there was a weird branch of Ray Kowalski's family that ran a bakery in New York.
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[personal profile] muccamukk reminded me that it's time once again for the only time of year when I actually participate in DW life!

Here's how it works. Choose a date in December. Ask me a question. I'll make a post about your question on the date you choose.

Seems like these last few years I always introduce December with an explanation for how very disengaged I've been from fandom. My current theory is that starting a new life in a new city and a new job in a new field, while conducting a commuter marriage and getting ready to be kidlet-less when it's college time, is possible only by pretty much using my full supply of emotional energy with no reserve.

Not gonna lie: it sucks.

But I want to participate on the level that's doable for me. So bring on the questions! And let me know if you're participating so I can ask you things too.
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Me: So I stay up way, way too late.
Kidlet: Uh-huh.
Me: So late. Trying so hard to make myself get up and go to bed.
Kidlet: Uh-huh.
Me: So today I open my laptop, and what I've typed into my Google search field is: "How is John Legend so handsome?"
Kidlet: That late, huh?
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Back when LiveJournal roamed the earth, I first started working on a nonfannish human/alien novella which was described by one beta as “strangely sweet” and by another as “strangely sexy.”

Well, Evernight Publishing today released “Exog,” and you can find it on Evernight’s site here. (Also debuting Peale McDaniel as my name when I’m an erotic romance writer.)

If you’re one of the people who believed in it back then, then thank you!
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Apparently nowadays when you find a dead bat in your living space, the public health authorities really want you to bring it in immediately for rabies testing, or refrigerate it until you can do so.

And if, instead, you flung it out on the lawn to decay ... well, the public health authorities want everyone who slept in that house to have a series of rabies shots. On account of bat bites being painless and leaving nearly no visible marks.

At least they don't do the shots in the belly any more. Three on the arms, four on the butt, and three more emergency room visits to come. I don't even like to think about how much this is going to cost.

So fridge that bat, friends. You'll be glad you did.
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This morning I was late for church because I had to remove a dead bat from the den of the Spousehouse before the kittencake had a chance to get at it.

(We knew there were bats in the attic -- in the belfry, as it were -- but we have no idea how this one came to be in the main house.)

And last week we actually turned the car around so the spouse could go back and rescue a turtle (ok, I guess strictly speaking a tortoise?) who was crossing the street on a narrow causeway where there was noplace for cars to avoid it. I was sitting in the car watching, and that turtle was literally running to avoid being caught. But the spouse caught it and put it in the grass near the river. Grass near the river is exactly what's on both sides of the street; I have no idea what the critter thought it was going to find on the other side.
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I have just literally booked myself a vacation day to spend filling out college financial aid paperwork.
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I gave blood this week. You know how they give you that list of countries that have cautions related to them? -- don't donate if you were in the UK during these years, if you've been in these African countries, if you've received a transfusion or donor organ in this part of Europe?

Yeah, the U.S. is on that list now. (If you've been in Broward County, Florida, recently, you can only give blood IN Broward County, because of Zika.)

Do any of y'all find yourselves imagining telling things to historians or is it just me?

Snape art

Jul. 2nd, 2016 02:14 pm
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Familiar (8 words) by barbana
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Harry Potter - J. K. Rowling
Rating: Mature
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Harry Potter/Severus Snape
Characters: Harry Potter, Severus Snape
Additional Tags: Art

Inspired by Resonant's story "The Familiar"

Barbana's lovely illustration for The Familiar is now on AO3!
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The fare is cheap and all can go.
The rich and poor are there.
No second class aboard this train,
No difference in the fare.
Get on board, chirren,
Get on board, chirren,
Get on board, chirren,
Where there's room for many a more.

I was just listening to the Fisk Jubilee Chorus and it occurred to me that all those gospel and country-gospel songs about trains were probably written when trains were new.

Think how cheesy it would be right now to write a gospel song about how we could all use our iPhones to find Jesus on the internet.

Just goes to show, (a) time converts some cheese to gold, or else (b) the gospel writers of the past were just fundamentally better than we are.
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I can never resist song-related memes, for some reason. I got this one from [personal profile] nestra. I thought it worked out pretty well. The third stanza especially appeals to me.

Put your music player on shuffle, and write down the first line of the first twenty songs. Post the poem that results. The first line of the twenty-first song is the title.

I'm Not Afraid

If there's a smile upon my face
rise up, my darling
we have walked in ancient times
oh, fare you well
you left me a horse from Texas

as we were a-sailing
look at us, darling, up all night
oh, winds of the north
I'll tell me ma
well rung, Tom, boy
all hail the pow'r of Jesus' name

I was trying to find my way home
a gentleman was passing by
Boney was a warrior
you are a splendid butterfly

raise a little hell
if you do want me
lost love
ye banks and braes o' bonny Doon
for all the saints who from their labors rest
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Because it's cold and I just had to buy a car I didn't want ...

Has the Austen pro fanfic industry produced any tolerable books on the life of Charlotte Collins?
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They totaled the car. I am literally emailing the nearest Carmax location and going, "How many sky-blue Elantras, 2011-2016, with less than 40K miles can you line up for me to test-drive in one day?"

One of my co-workers is leaving the country and another is recovering from surgery, so I'm being trained for two new accounts. I've also switched cell phone carriers and upgraded my iPhone. Unfortunately, setting up the phone, learning the accounts, and handling insurance and car purchase are all using pretty much the same part of my brain, and that part is turning to moosh.

Maybe I'll spend this weekend, like, coloring mandalas or something.

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