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It's a day every mother dreams of: the kidlet makes their fannish debut with a story I'm not even a little bit biased about ...

make my wish come true (12296 words) by terminally_underwhelmed
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Harry Potter - J. K. Rowling
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Draco Malfoy/Harry Potter
Characters: Harry Potter, Draco Malfoy, Hermione Granger, Ron Weasley
Additional Tags: Epilogue What Epilogue, Post-War, magical amnesia, Mariah Carey, Fluff & Angst, Slightly Dubious Motivations

Ten minutes later Harry’s drying his hair while staring in his own eyes in the mirror and not moping. Never mind that he's twenty-four and already feels due for a midlife crisis. Never mind that he’s desperate enough for human company that he's considering getting a haircut just for the awkward scalp massage (and even more awkward questions about his scar) while being shampooed and then inviting Dudley out for drinks. He is a fully grown adult making the adult decision of working the entire week leading up to Christmas Day, since there’s a conspicuous lack of other places to be, and he isn't going to start moping about it now.

“I'm not,” he tells his reflection decisively. His voice is hoarse from lack of use.

The reflection has no response.

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[personal profile] muccamukk asks: Moments in canon that still emotionally resonate with you, many years later.

A nice one to end the meme with!

- Fraser in "Asylum" saying, "You didn't shoot that man," and when Ray tries to talk him out of his certainty he says, "I know you."

- I'm not even especially fannish about these characters, but the moment in "The Breakfast Club" when Andrew the jock is talking to Allison the basket case about parents, and he says, "What do they do to you?" and she says, "They ignore me."

- I was sold on Harry Potter when the snake at the zoo said, "Brazil, here I come." It wasn't just the worldbuilding but the wit.

- Zelenka's description of Atlantis coming up from under the water -- he was speaking poetry, and if you didn't look up a translation, you'd never know.

- Any Sherlock Holmes adaptation is going to live or die in my esteem by how it treats John Watson. BBC Sherlock sold me in the exchange where Sherlock asks what John would be thinking if he were dying. "Please let me live," John says. Sherlock scoffs, "Use your imagination," and John says, "I don't have to."

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[personal profile] james asks: Which (if any) Harry Potter book is the best totally on its own, with no meta or context or fanfic to bolster it up?

First I eliminated Half-Blood Prince and Deathly Hallows. They're too tied up in the 7-book arc to be accessible to someone who hasn't read the rest of the books, and frankly they needed some editing that they didn't get. If you weren't already in love with the universe and the characters, I'm not sure you'd read them and say, "These are good books."

Then I eliminated Philosopher's/Sorcerer's Stone, because if you take it on its own instead of with its series, it's a children's book. It's the door into everything we all loved, but taken on its own, there's not enough to it.

At that point, left with Books 2 through 5, I was at a loss. So I punted the question to the kidlet, who just re-read the whole series last month.

After some thought (but not really very much thought), the kidlet said, "Prisoner of Azkaban. Because Voldemort doesn't dominate the whole plot. He's part of the worldbuilding."

Also: the Marauders in person, and their relationship with Snape; Dementors and Patronuses or possibly Patroni; Buckbeak; Time-Turners ...

I can't disagree.

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[personal profile] james asks: Is there a tv show or movie that you would pay a billion dollars to get either a re-working of an episode or a sequel to? (It might not cost that much. Millions.) Because sometimes fanfic isn't enough, you just need to see it on-screen.

Wow. Where even to begin?

All respect to Maggie Smith and Alan Rickman, but I'd like to see the Harry Potter series done with the teachers cast at the correct ages. I believe we have canon that Snape, Lupin, and Black should all have been in their early thirties at the start of the series. The HP wikia gives McGonagall a birth date of 1935 and puts her leaving Hogwarts in 1957, making Maggie Smith about the right age, but I don't know where those numbers come from; she's described with dark hair, and I pictured her in her early fifties.

But if I only have enough for one thing, I'm not sure I'd squander it on that.

No, you know what I'd spend it on? A reboot of "The Breakfast Club," that's what! Update the stereotypes (in the 21st century you'd have to have at least one character gay, for one thing, and an all-white cast would not fly) ... the parenting issues and the school problems probably wouldn't need any changes ... if I have my preferences, the nerd character won't be stuck doing everybody's homework while everyone else pairs off ...

I would so watch that!

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Saw Fantastic Beasts almost a week ago, and I can't believe it just now occurred to me to wonder whether there was a weird branch of Ray Kowalski's family that ran a bakery in New York.
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[personal profile] veronamay asks: what's your all-time favourite piece of fanon/headcanon? Describe in detail, including reasons why you love it. Can be something you came up with, or someone else's that you've adopted--just something you really love.

You know what's making me really happy right now? I've been gone from Harry Potter fandom for a long time, but I still sometimes go off into reveries in which Snape actually survived the series and went on to actually have a real life.

Back in the day, there were hundreds of stories on this topic -- I fondly remember some very late ones of [personal profile] dementordelta's. I'm out of touch; maybe people are still writing them.

Sorry -- I'm not really sufficiently fannishly connected right now to have a lot of headcanons regarding fandoms that are still getting new source material, except that I share with a lot of people the absolute conviction of Captain America's bisexuality.
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[personal profile] wychwood asks: What is your favourite of your own stories? Which fic-writing achievements are you proudest of?

I'm rather proud of my Losers story, Impersonation, because I was playing a game with POV, and several readers told me they got it. (I suppose it's a romance-specific variation on the unreliable narrator. I wanted to write a story where, if you reeled it back in your mind and walked through it from the other character's point of view, the emotional landscape of the story was very different. In this case, the story Jensen is experiencing is, "Wow, I have the hots for my pal; didn't expect that ... Why's he acting so weird? ... Oh, OK, he's got the hots for me, too. We're golden." But the story Cougar is experiencing is more like, "Nobody could be this clueless; he must be mocking me ... This is cruel. I thought we were friends ... It's kind of humiliating to be desperate enough to accept a pass this wrapped up in mockery ... Wait a minute. Looks like he could be this clueless. Wow, OK, this is what a happy ending feels like.")

Tolleranza, the Commandos-era story where there's a lot of very explicit sex being had by people who are not Steve Rogers, is one that I feel really good about, because it only works if you care at least a little about those original characters, and by the time I was done, I did.

It's harder to pick a favorite, but if you were going to wipe out my whole catalog and leave me only one story to say, "I am the author of _____ and nothing else," I would have to say Transfigurations. I can point to ways I've grown as a writer since then, but in some ways I've still never equalled it.
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[personal profile] minxy prompts: a fannish follow-up to the headcanon question from the 7th (which you are welcome to revisit if this question doesn't apply): Are there any head-fixes for shows that you adopt as canon? A jump the shark that you pretend didn't happen, or an episode that makes no sense and you've rewritten in your head?

Fun question!

Shows like to make clowns of the sidekicks, and so nearly every show/movie I love has some cringeworthy moment when my beloved sidekick is a figure of fun. I always pretend that these moments never happened.

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Sep. 2nd, 2013 02:17 pm
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Enough real life. Let's play a game.

You give me a fannish character I'm reasonably familiar with, and for that person I will give you a hangup. You know: a sexual dysfunction, an unexpected inhibition or aversion, some perfectly ordinary thing he/she simply cannot handle.

If I'm *not* familiar with your character, maybe some other reader will join in.


We have requests that I'm unable to fill:
Joe Dawson
John Winchester
Reese or Finch
Christopher Chant

Anybody want to take these on?
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Today at Walgreens I bought a poncho, a winter hat, and a pair of gloves, and the cashier who took my money had the Dark Mark tattooed on the inside of his forearm.

The postwar reconstruction is either going better than you'd imagine or much, much worse.

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