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Anybody out there in Georgia's 6th Congressional District? There's a special election coming up for the House of Representatives -- the seat's open because Tom Price resigned to be part of the Trump Administration. Putting a non-Republican in that seat would be a serious public service.,_2017

Not registered? You can register online until Monday, March 20.

Please take two minutes to register, and put April 18 on your calendar. This is how change happens: one tiny action at a time.


Jan. 31st, 2005 07:56 pm
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I had an interesting exchange at the used bookstore.

Let me give you a sense of the place. It's the only remaining used bookstore in town, and it's not much of one. It's all pink and gold foil, row after row of romances. Back in the back is the sort of science fiction section you get when you sell and trade SF, but the whole store in every way communicates an utter indifference to the stuff: heavy on the crumbling, water-stained Golden Age paperbacks, every shelf entirely male and white except the occasional "dragons and flying horses for girls" title. There's a large but repetitive horror section (two solid bookcase of black spines) and a sadly neglected "classics" section in which Dunnett is right next to Dickens on an otherwise empty shelf.

So in other words, this bookstore deals in a commodity, not in ideas. It's not an island of imagination and curiosity, any more than the furniture store next door is.

Still, I'm so constituted that I must go to used bookstores, must, even if I repeatedly violate the laws of human nature by coming out emptyhanded.

As I set my trade-ins on the front desk this time, there was a sixty-ish customer talking to the clerk. The customer was saying, "And my family is military, too, but that's exactly why it makes me so angry --"

She saw me and dropped her voice, but I was close enough to hear her go on: "... when every day I turn on the TV and more soldiers are dying over there because of that -- that idiot!"

I laughed out loud, and both the women suddenly, visibly relaxed. The customer said, "You too?" And I said, Oh, yes, absolutely me too, and we all had a nice little anti-Bush bonding moment.

But I still couldn't forget that hush when I came in, the way they assumed I'd be against them.

George Bush won re-election by the narrowest of margins. I hate the way we in the reality-based community all go around acting as though we're vastly outnumbered, rather than merely outshouted.
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The story from the Romance Writers Report that I typed in here, about the writer who said she was raided under the Patriot Act for doing novel research? The RWR is backpedaling on it now.

Since a lot of you read it here, I thought it was only fair to share the new information.

Read more... )
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I voted this morning before I even ate breakfast.

I feel like the jury has just filed out of the courtroom and now I'm waiting for them to come back in and tell me what's going to become of me.

The spouse and I will be watching election returns like people watching a scary movie -- "Hold me?"
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I don't usually bug y'all with politics, so I figure I've earned your indulgence for [counts] four paragraphs.

The spouse points out that the upcoming election will be, among other things, a referendum on the whole idea of a new, all-powerful American empire "pre-emptive war."

"If Bush loses," he says, "then waging an unjust war will suddenly have political cost again."

That means, of course, that it's not just the presidential election that's important, but also Congressional elections and state governorships. Every vote against Bush's party is a vote against Bush's policies.

And the higher the voter turnout, the more convincing the mandate will be.

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