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Hey, remember when I used to keep a Story Note Hall of Fame? I opened a folder I don't often look at, and, huh, there was a list of them from 2003 that I never got around to posting.

I don't know why I'm no longer seeing things like this -- because if I were still seeing them, I'd certainly be collecting and posting them. It may be just because when I was in HP, I didn't know most of the writers in the fandom, and so I found stories by subscribing to pairing or fest communities where anybody could post. Whereas now most of the journals I read are the individual journals of particular writers whom I'm already familiar with, and who would know better than to do some of this stuff.

Anyhow, on the theory that you might still find them amusing even after four years, I present another Story Note Hall of Fame.

I would like to thank my wonderful beta who without you I never would of wrote this. )
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[ profile] copperbadge has me thinking taxonomically about everything, so I'm now sorting my story notes into categories.

It's Awful, And That's Just The Way I Wanted It:

The imcomplete sentences are not accidental. The story is written just as it was played out in my sick little mind. So don't bother flaming my grammatical skills or any OOCness.

It's Awful, But Whaddaya Expect For Free?:

Plot and characterization evaporated, and [character] kept dissolving into a marshmellow. I tried, I did, but this turned into overly romanticized fluff. Wasn't going to post it but several people emailed and asked me to... So.

It's Awful, And I Show My Pink Belly To You, So Please Don't Hurt Me:

Category: Angst and romance – ok lets say fluff! Major fluff, get the sick buckets out – I'm worried it sounds cheesy at the end?!

The Feedblackmail category:

Tell me what you think, If I don’t get any feedback I'll just assume everyone hated and not write anymore, so FEEDBACK. Really no feed back no story. The last time I posted I only got 3 emails.

Unclear on the Concept:

I have used some of the lyrics as dialogue[...] but this is not a songfic.

And then there's a sort of catch-all category, which I'm thinking of calling the Comment Would Be Superfluous category:

Some of this is written in the [Fictional] Language and translations will be at the end.

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or, It's Difficult To Read When Your Mind Is Boggled.

"May as well justify my reputation for posting unbeta'd fic. *shrugs* [...] May not appeal to anyone else, but it satisfied my warped little craving. Oh, I may as well mention. The plot there is... is silly. Gimme a break, it's just an excuse for the sex."

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... or, And That Was Where I Stopped Reading.

"I do not have a beta; therefore, you may notice some descrepencies. My main flaw is keeping the same tense throughout the story (past vs. present) as well as character and plot development, sometimes story continuity."

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