Jun. 11th, 2004

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For tomorrow's writing workshop, I'm supposed to bring a "writing exercise or creativity exercise." I don't have any of those, because I don't use them, so I'm kind of stymied.

After discussing this with [livejournal.com profile] cmshaw in chat last night, I'm thinking I may just share with them my one and only tip for getting more writing done, namely:

When you stop writing for the day, always stop in the middle of a sentence. That way it's easier to start again next day.

I learned that from a very sweet amateur site called Eddie's Anti-Procrastination Site, which is here: www.geocities.com/writethethesis. Eddie also offers my favorite slogan for writers: "You just have to keep on starting."

I'm curious now: Does anyone else have these sorts of tips? Not on the craft of writing, nor on increasing inspiration and creativity, but just on the nuts and bolts of getting the thing done -- managing your time, setting and meeting goals, defeating procrastination, resisting the temptation to polish endlessly instead of getting on with it?

If I learn anything useful on that score tomorrow, I'll share it with you.

Meanwhile, for anyone who's been following my ongoing efforts to cook with tofu: Here's a recipe. )

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