Oct. 25th, 2004

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Happy to be home.

The kidlet was, in age-appropriate terms, a perfect angel, but there are still things I'd rather spend the day doing than shepherding an active five-year-old through several airports.

The cat is in an absolute frenzy of cuddliness.

A bottle of green-apple lotion came open in my suitcase, but it only seems to have spilled on nonporous things that can be easily cleaned. If I'd known I was using up all my luck that way, I'm not sure I would have dared to trust that there was enough luck left to keep the planes in the air.

Evidently the result of all these months of allergy shots is that I'm no longer violently allergic to my house, but merely a little bit allergic to my house.

I read no smut at all for ten days. The resulting lack of libido didn't cramp my style in any practical way (since the spouse is taking a seminar in New York), but it was rather like spending ten days with no sense of smell. Under normal circumstances, I read some porn every single day. It has just recently occurred to me that some people would find this odd.

It appears that fandom has been "boring" while I've been away, which seems to mean that no new cliques have been formed and no friendships have disintegrated in embarrassingly public ways. I can live with that.

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