Dec. 10th, 2016

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Before beginning, a story. The kidlet says to me, "I need help finding a fanfiction. I've been looking all day long. It was Harry/Draco, and it involved a snake that was a gift from Draco's father."

I said, "Well, I'll be surprised if my first guess turns out to be correct, but ... Lustre? Julad and Calico?"

Yep! That was the one!

[personal profile] julad asks: What was publishing Exog like for you? The good, the not so good, the unexpected.

I think the best thing was that Amanda Jean, my editor, turned out to be of the fannish persuasion! The editing process was great, partly because she found some small ways to make the story flow better, and partly because it was a validation of the whole beta process; it turned out that the manuscript was quite clean.

The fact that the story was written so long ago troubled me; I would love to have a lively writing life happening right now, but I so very much don't, and here's this publication sitting there ... it feels a little like getting invited to a masquerade and dressing up as something you could be and have been (and, lord willing, will be again) but currently are not.

I have to admit, I was hoping it would earn more than a week's groceries cost. But considering that it required almost no new labor, what little money I got from it feels like money for nearly nothing.

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