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I've posted a new SGA smutlet to my website. This one is for [ profile] hj2, unless she only enjoys Rodney with John.

McKay/Zelenka -- NC-17 -- 2,750 words
In which it turns out that Radek Zelenka is a sex god.

eta: ooooops, she's [ profile] hj2, not [ profile] h2j!
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I've just put up another thanks-for-books smutlet on my website:

How Much
Harry/Snape/Remus -- R -- 400 words
for [ profile] dementordelta, who prompts: "How much do I love you?"

Canonicity note: Ignores all of book 7 and possibly parts of book 6 as well. Imagine that I've fled to 2005 and asked for diplomatic amnesty.
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Today's Disaster Forecast
McKay/Sheppard -- NC-17 -- 1700 words
for [ profile] dogeared, who prompts: Why is Rodney so determined to get out of the upcoming mission with John?
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I'm horribly late at announcing these, but:

- Cybel Harper has done a podbook of [ profile] kinseyx's podfic of my Harry/Snape story, The Familiar, with cover art by [ profile] barbana.

- [ profile] luzula has done a podfic of my Due South story, American Way.

for those who've been wondering:

Updates on the cat, the school fire, the job, and the midlife crisis inside. )

And what's new in your worlds?
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Another thank-you story -- no smut in this one, so I guess it's a storylet. It's for [ profile] belmanoir, who prompted: Fraser, Diana Wynne Jones' Chrestomanci, no F/K.

Interdepartmental Cooperation
Gen OMG -- 1,000 words
"You do not grab the mysterious beans and take them into the storage closet without me, got it? Those are Chicago beans, and Chicago is going to be there when you deal with them."

Might be more fun if you've read Mixed Magics, but I think it should be pretty comprehensible even if you haven't.
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I got the best friends in explored space.

So far I've taken about three hundred books to help rebuild the school library after the fire. I don't know how many people have sent gift certificates directly to Mrs. M., but the librarian knows me by name now.

The offer I made in the original post still stands: anyone who wants to donate can give me a pairing and ask me a question, and I'll write them something little, or maybe not so little.

[ profile] thefourthvine gets her smutlet first, though, because she gave me one hell of a prompt.

SGA, McKay/Sheppard -- NC-17 -- 500 words
[ profile] thefourthvine prompts: What's the longest John can go without an orgasm?
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Y'all are fantastic. I can't believe how many people have e-mailed me after my post on the fire at the kidlet's school to tell me they'd help out. I love you all.

The kidlet's teacher tells me she had a thousand books in her classroom alone. They're still there, but the soot on them is toxic; there's no telling when or whether she might be able to rescue any of them.

The kids will spend the rest of the year in a building that belongs to a school that closed last year. Kids at one school donated some of their desk supplies; teachers at another one pulled stuff out of their teacher's lounge to decorate the lounge in the replacement school.

A gerbil, several goldfish, and two hermit crabs survived the fire, though, so all is not lost.

My offer of a smutlet in exchange for a donation is still open. As I said to someone in an e-mail, I'm kind of quietly thrilled at the idea of rebuilding the grade-school library through the power of smut.
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Early Sunday morning, while the building was empty, a fire started in the kidlet's elementary school. They think it was caused by a mouse chewing on the wiring. Thank God, no one was hurt, but there's $800,000 worth of damage; every room in the building suffered smoke and/or water damage.

This is a struggling public school with an awful lot of low-income and low-education families. Just last year they were forced to spend a bunch of money on safety-related parking-lot redesigns, and they were just at the point where their fund-raising could go for things more directly related to education when this happened.

What do they need? Books. The kidlet's fourth-grade teacher lost a thousand books. The library sustained heavy water and smoke damage. I don't know how many of the books will survive.

They're looking for gently used children's books (grades pre-K through 5) and for gift certificates to help them replace books and other things.

There are a lot of worthy causes looking for money just now, but if this particular reading-related worthy cause tugs at your heartstrings the way it does at mine, here's my offer:

Donate either books or gift certificates (see below for how). Ask me a question regarding one or more of the characters I write. I'll write you a snippet, or possibly more if inspiration strikes.

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