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I'm gearing up to move again; now that I don't have to stay in the school district*, I'm looking at a couple of places that are smaller, cheaper, closer to work, and ideally a little less damp.

But of course the idea of touching every single item I own, again, is incredibly intimidating.

So I decided to try packing one box a day.

There's quite a lot of low-hanging fruit -- at least ten boxes that I never got around to unpacking two years ago when we moved here. I may very well bog down when it comes to starting from scratch. But here's two days' worth of progress:

Day 1

Packed: One box from the bedroom. Mostly books and miscellaneous desky stuff.

Discarded: One bag of books and three bags of clothes to Goodwill. Half a recycle bin's worth of paper.

Find of the day: A bunch of little spiral notebooks from the pre-Iowa days, when I used to get Saturday mornings alone to write. Much probably-doomed writing in there, including the title of a Discworld story ("Hard-Boiled Egg") and the summary of a Sherlock story ("Suicide by vampire. At least, that was the plan.") and about 500 words of a story I was going to write about how in an Alpha/Omega universe the end of fertility must be heralded by an Omegapause ("Everybody around him was so goddamned fucking young.").

Day 2

Packed: One box of cookbooks and other non-fragile kitcheny stuff.

Discarded: Another bag of books ready to go to Goodwill, and a garbage bag full of things which stop being edible after being left in a box on the living room floor for two years.

Find of the day: So that's where all the AA batteries were.

* Let's just take a moment to let that sink in. Barring really strange circumstances, I am finished with school districts. School districts will never again play a role in my real estate decisions. I am no longer the parent of a public school student. I have attended my last teacher conference, and probably also my last progress report.
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My imaginary friends, I've just learned that the kidlet has band camp the week before school starts, which means I have a little over three weeks to get the two of us and the Bobkitten settled in The New City. (The spouse and most of the furniture will have to straggle along later, once his internship is over.)

It's been lovely but I really have to scream now.

So! Thinking about something else now!

We saw The Lone Ranger tonight, and I enjoyed it more than I expected to, but I still can't believe this stirring anti-capitalist tale was brought to us by the Disney Corporation.

Also, it hadn't occurred to me until now that in its time, train robbery was a high-tech crime! Pretty much the equivalent of identity theft! Only done by people with fewer teeth!

I like to imagine that the kid in the frame story was Captain America.
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Windfall Meme, spotted @ [personal profile] gatewaygirl: what I would do if $N dropped into my lap in some legal non-taxable (or post-tax) way?

$10: It would just go into the cash already in my wallet. Unless that's against the rules? Let's say it's against the rules. In that case, some midday when I wasn't working I'd use it for pho and Vietnamese iced coffee.

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I made my third visit to Soon-To-Be New City yesterday, and I'm amused by the way my mental picture of the place is taking shape, as defined by the places I'm pretty confident I could get to without consulting a map.

Visit 1: Historic bed & breakfast; spouse's university; cheap Greek restaurant; library; multiple interchangeable cute little downtown coffee shops.

Visit 2: Generic hotel; mall; staffing agency; movie theater; Starbucks inside a grocery store; Target; Red Robin; convent with walking trail overlooking the river, where we looked down on a bird that we think might have been an eagle; two ways to get from the chain-store sprawl to the university and back again.

Visit 3: Airport; two ways to get up the bluff from the river; kidlet's high school; Ukrainian restaurant.

If I can locate a couple of money machines, an Asian grocery, a schmancy grocery, a cheap grocery, a farmer's market, a hardware store with cranky old guys who know how things work, a gym with yoga, a hiking trail, and an actual job, I'll pretty much have covered all the places I go here.

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