Aug. 21st, 2016

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This morning I was late for church because I had to remove a dead bat from the den of the Spousehouse before the kittencake had a chance to get at it.

(We knew there were bats in the attic -- in the belfry, as it were -- but we have no idea how this one came to be in the main house.)

And last week we actually turned the car around so the spouse could go back and rescue a turtle (ok, I guess strictly speaking a tortoise?) who was crossing the street on a narrow causeway where there was noplace for cars to avoid it. I was sitting in the car watching, and that turtle was literally running to avoid being caught. But the spouse caught it and put it in the grass near the river. Grass near the river is exactly what's on both sides of the street; I have no idea what the critter thought it was going to find on the other side.

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