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[personal profile] terrio prompts: What is your favorite pet you've ever interacted with (either yours or someone else's) and why?

When we were first married, we went out and got a marmalade kitten. We named him Henry. He lived less than two weeks before crawling into the underside of the recliner and dying of distemper. It was very sad.

It was winter, and -- you know how cat-lovers are always aware of the vast number of homeless strays out there without any hope of a home? -- and yet we could not find a cat. We wanted a cat so badly, and there just were none.

Finally our vet told us about a farm in a town called Good Hope where two sister-cats had both had litters at the same time, so they had ten or twelve kittens between them -- too many even for a farm. So we went out there, and we came home with Alice.

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The kitchen faucet: choked with mineral deposits from our hard water. I haven't taken it apart to fix it because I'm not confident I can. You have to arrange the lever just so when you turn it off, or it drips.

The house: quiet. Empty, except for me and a sleeping kidlet.

The sound from the kitchen: a drip, starting suddenly out of nowhere. I go into the kitchen to investigate.

The bobkitten: has learned to turn the faucet on.

Damn it

Mar. 14th, 2012 08:03 pm
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The boycat on his back

It seemed for a while that the boycat was going to recover, but in the end the damage was too great and he didn't make it. He was awfully young and we're all very sad to lose him; he was a fantastic cat and I miss him already.

I do still maintain that it's worth it to love them, even knowing we'll have to mourn them.

The bobkitten has been firmly instructed not to die. Of course, the bobkitten has also been firmly instructed not to get on the dining room table, so we know what instructions mean to a cat.
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The Boycat has spent the past week at the vet; he's still a very sick kitty, and one whose health and life expectancy are unknowns at this point, but he came home today, and ate a little bit, and is now sleeping under the kidlet's bed, purring whenever anyone speaks to him.

It's kidney failure, just like the Ladycat, except that he's young and was pretty healthy before. There's some hope that the failure might have been the result of some other problem (like a bladder infection) and that if the problem is taken care of, the kidneys will be functioning well enough for everyday life.

Or possibly not. At this point there's no way of knowing.

Bleakly funny, though: When the spouse took him in last Friday, the vet said, "I estimate this has a 50/50 chance of saving his life, and we're closed all weekend, so we'll call you Monday with an update." So we spent the entire weekend not knowing whether he was alive or dead -- we had a literal Schrodinger's cat.

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