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As another of my postcards from the Older Than Dirt segment of fandom, I was going to post my highly entertaining colonoscopy experience, and then I remembered that teenygozer already did it on Fenopause.

The only way my experience differed from Teenygozer's was that every time I have any kind of professional service, the universe always seems to issue me some Shakespearean character; this time it was an anesthesiologist who (1) "diagnosed" me with sleep apnea because of the length of my chin (mind you, I'm pretty sure he's right, but come on), (2) treated me to a libertarian healthcare rant, and (3) wanted to chat about legal weed a little more than I was comfortable with in a person with his hand on the sedation pump.

And next time I am definitely going to use [personal profile] bone's Smart Water method.
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OK, I've just had a blinding flash of the obvious, which I want to share in case there's anybody else out there who, like me, didn't already know this.

As many of you know, I'm job-hunting. Now, for years I was working as a journalist and looking for different journalist jobs, and each time I went hunting, I'd break out the previous resume and add the latest job and move forward.

Now I'm changing careers, and I'm learning that a resume is not an adequate tool for career record-keeping.

Because ... )
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I don't know if any of y'all have noticed, but the combination of tags and subscriptions means that there's a new way of "subscribing" to someone's LJ -- instead of adding them to your Friends page, you can tell LJ to notify you when they make a post with a particular tag.

For instance, if you were interested in SGA icons but not in SGA fiction, instead of friending [ profile] sga_noticeboard you could go to the Noticeboard info page, click the little thumbtack to go to the Manage Message Settings page, and ask to be notified when someone made an entry tagged 'icons.'

Or, if you want to read my stories but don't have time to keep up with my extremely fascinating life, you could go to my profile page, click the thumbtack, and ask to be notified when I made an entry tagged 'stories' or 'sga' or 'ds' or whatever. You'd miss nifty posts like this one, of course.

(If half the people on my friends-of list disappear today, I'm going to choose to interpret that as meaning that this post has been very influential!)
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Here at the beginning of the holiday season -- that annual celebration of human relationships -- is the time when I want to say:

People on my friends list. I like you. I want you to quit giving your parents permission to browbeat you.

Those of you with utterly, inescapably toxic parents probably already know that most advice isn't useful to you, including what I'm about to say. But those of you whose parents are a little critical or interfering but not actually committable whackjobs, listen up.

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Yes, that's how I spent my morning. Those of you who are under 40, laugh it up while you can.

Before I scare you all off, let me say that I've never had a mammogram that I would call painful. I've never had one that was any worse than uncomfortable -- even though I have what one doctor calls "very dense breast tissue" and another doctor calls "you're sure they're not implants?" For me the worst thing is being sweaty in the waiting room and cold in the x-ray room.

Having said that, though, here are my tips for, let's say, a less-uncomfortable mammogram.

Res's Guide To Mammography )

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