Dec. 15th, 2016

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[personal profile] james asks: Who is the most obscure composer, band, or individual musician that you adore?

I don't quite know if you can call them a band -- more of an event -- but I love the Revels. I first met them via Christmas music, of course, but they also have collections for other seasons, and one on a seagoing theme, and others as well. There's not just one Revels, either; I have music from the Portland Revels and the California Revels.

This is music that you want to get on CD so you can read the booklet. I've learned all kinds of things about the history of music, or history through music, from the Revels.

It's a dream of mine to actually see a Revels show, but since I seem to keep moving further and further away from big cities, I don't know how likely it is.

I also have some much-loved songs from Solstice Assembly. The CD notes said something like, "This collection was born when I thought to myself, 'What if the Revels came to my town and they didn't invite me?!'" They seem a bit more irreverent than the Revels.

Christmas Revels:
Aro Que Nostre Seign'Es Nat
Malpas Wassail
Traveller's Prayer (for your pagan needs)

Non-Christmas Revels:
The Merry Horn
Anchor Song
Le Semeur

Solstice Assembly
The Ripe and Bearded Barley
No Ozone

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