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I've posted a new SGA smutlet to my website. This one is for [ profile] hj2, unless she only enjoys Rodney with John.

McKay/Zelenka -- NC-17 -- 2,750 words
In which it turns out that Radek Zelenka is a sex god.

eta: ooooops, she's [ profile] hj2, not [ profile] h2j!
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I've just put up another thanks-for-books smutlet on my website:

How Much
Harry/Snape/Remus -- R -- 400 words
for [ profile] dementordelta, who prompts: "How much do I love you?"

Canonicity note: Ignores all of book 7 and possibly parts of book 6 as well. Imagine that I've fled to 2005 and asked for diplomatic amnesty.
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Today's Disaster Forecast
McKay/Sheppard -- NC-17 -- 1700 words
for [ profile] dogeared, who prompts: Why is Rodney so determined to get out of the upcoming mission with John?
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I got the best friends in explored space.

So far I've taken about three hundred books to help rebuild the school library after the fire. I don't know how many people have sent gift certificates directly to Mrs. M., but the librarian knows me by name now.

The offer I made in the original post still stands: anyone who wants to donate can give me a pairing and ask me a question, and I'll write them something little, or maybe not so little.

[ profile] thefourthvine gets her smutlet first, though, because she gave me one hell of a prompt.

SGA, McKay/Sheppard -- NC-17 -- 500 words
[ profile] thefourthvine prompts: What's the longest John can go without an orgasm?

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