Nov. 6th, 2004


Nov. 6th, 2004 08:21 pm
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There are a pair of little characters in Finn Family Moomintroll who talk sort of inside-out. When a character named Sniff gets angry at them, another character tells them, "Piff is sneevish. Nake no totice." Sneevish seems like the perfect description of the mood I'm in right now.

My idiot cousin has enrolled her cat in some sort of online contest. She's sending out thrice-daily e-mails about his progress. Today I hit Reply and said, "Hey, can you take me off the list for this?" She replied, "Sure thing, but did you go vote for my kitty?"

I am irritable and out of sorts. I'm not reading porn. I'm not clicking on art links. I'm not even tempted by the "post a sentence from your WIPs" meme. I wonder if I'm turning into one of those mundanes who'd really rather spend the evening reading The Turn of the Screw than reading even a very good iteration of "Harry and Snape screw." (I actually have never read The Turn of the Screw before, but the library book is sitting over there on the coffee table, beckoning me. It doesn't know that I know better than to read scary stuff when I'm the only adult in the house.)

On the plus side, tomorrow I get to spend the morning waiting in line for madrigal dinner tickets. It's hard to overstate the pleasure of spending an entire Sunday morning and afternoon all alooooooone, far from a phone, with nothing but an uncomfortable high-school chair, two library books, an iPod, and a cup of coffee (assuming I remember to make the coffee), while the spouse gets the kidlet to feed, dress, be-church, and feed again. I've been to this madrigal dinner so many times I could just about step in for one of the altos, but I'm still enthusiastic about the ticket-buying process.

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