Sep. 10th, 2004

resonant: Brian from The Breakfast Club: Demented and sad, but social (Houseplants (by Lanning))
So ... tomorrow the Tech Goddess is going to come over, lend me a drive to back up my music, and then help me reformat my hard drive and install Panther.

Tonight I'm frantically backing up everything I can think of. I've located all my software CDs. I'm going to burn a CD with installers for all the software I don't have on CD. I've written down all the e-mail and internet settings I'm using.

Does anyone know ...

- if there's a way to export IE bookmarks into a text file or something? I'll be using Safari when I've upgraded the system software (yay!), but I'd hate to have to track down all those sites again.

- any way to figure out what my Internet Config password is, if I didn't write it down anywhere? I have some standard passwords that I rotate among, but this has the wrong number of characters to be any of them. I can't copy and paste it.

- anything else I ought to be writing down, or backing up, so that I won't be sorry later?

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